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Advanced Merchant Payments (AMP), with offices in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Singapore and the Philippines enables banks and other financial institutions to profitably offer short-term unsecured loans to under-served small businesses in both developed and emerging markets. By utilizing AMP’s end-to-end solution, banks can address the credit gap...
APrivacy (formerly IThinkSecurity) is a cyber-security lab that provides easy-to-use, highest-grade data protection solutions to prevent data leaks and corporate espionage. The Ontario-based company’s main product, LOQ, is an information security and tracking service that is being used by financial institutions to secure information sharing w... addresses the security concerns that many organizations have regarding cost-saving cloud solutions. The Hong Kong-based company developed a security system for encrypted data storage and sharing, encrypted searches and encrypted email with security policy enforcements. AtCipher’s applications perform client-side encryption so that data...
Bereev is a Malaysia-based start-up that developed Asia’s first legacy-planning application to help people plan for the inevitable. The platform helps users organize and prepare their financial, personal and other matters to help family members in case of their death
BetterTradeOff is a Singapore-based start-up whose one-of-a-kind holistic life-planning solution, ‘Aardviser,’ uses advanced statistical models and AI to empower people to make optimum decisions when financing their dreams. (Class of 2018)
This Hong Kong-based startup has a remittance platform that uses bitcoin and blockchain technology to send and receive payments in emerging markets. Its integrated cloud-based web platform enables money-transfer operators and financial institutions to manage payment information, customer due diligence and real-time business analytics. Quick, cheap...
Blocko logo website
Blocko is a blockchain infrastructure provider in South Korea offering customers digital identity, digital signatures and smart contracts. Its product, Coinstack, enables clients to share data with third parties in a cyber-security safe, efficient manner. Blocko is aiming to work with multinational financial institutions across the globe to fulfill...
This Israel-based startup’s solution supports investment portfolio construction, optimization, re-balancing and monitoring. BondIT’s intuitive software-as-a-service platform uses advanced machine-learning algorithms to easily construct yield/risk optimized portfolios that match a client’s risk profile and can be managed by ratings, duration, yield,...
ChartIQ is a financial technology company, based out of Charlottesville, Virginia, with offices in New York, London, and Cyprus. Founded in 2012, ChartIQ has over 125 customers around the world. We provide the HTML5 charting and data visualization engine for the next generation of capital markets applications. ChartIQ helps investment banks, broker...
checkbox is a Sydney-based start-up whose award-winning technology platform enables the digital transformation of regulation, policy and business services into easy-to-use business applications in the cloud. The platform lets users — without having any technical training or coding capability — create online software applications; it can also del...
CoverGo is a tech platform that consolidates insurance policies from different providers in one place for customers and automatically analyses them to highlight gaps in coverage. This Hong Kong startup’s app helps connect policyholders with their insurance advisors who manage their clients’ policies. CoverGo automates manual insurance processes to...
FinSuite developed patented technology that aims to reduce the cost and time required to analyze business structures and financials on loan applications. The Melbourne-based company built two complementary solutions. One is an application that provides a mobile platform for capturing and presenting a structure of a group of entities and how they ar...
Future Flow
FutureFlow maps out the movement of money in the financial system. We enable financial institutions and regulators to collaborate, while protecting customer confidentiality. Our software compiles the topology of the movement of money in the system that extends beyond each individual institution’s immediate field of visibility, with applicatio...
Gekko Lab is a Hong Kong-based RegTech startup for financial intelligence and investigation. The company’s graphical network analytics software and built-in proprietary database enhance users’ capability to detect and manage risks using data analytics.   (Class of 2018)
HedgeSPA’s predictive investment analytics platform helps investment professionals harness the power of the internet and massive computing to achieve outperformance never before thought possible. We apply big data techniques in asset selection to produce double digit returns in a single quarter with a market neutral long-short portfolio, combine fo...
Hyper Anna is an Australian startup whose AI-powered virtual data scientist ‘Anna’ leverages advanced data analytics to handle the tedious and technical work of writing code, analyzing data, producing charts & finding insights. Anna enables users to ask in plain English questions about the key drivers of their business and proactive...
The goal of this simple, fast and secure payment network from Australia is to make a cross-border payment as easy as a domestic payment. Built on the Ripple protocol, it is designed to support low-value, high-volume cross-border payments and reduce bank processing costs. Sparro’s products are quickly deployable, cloud-hosted and provided to banks a...
iDGate has developed an identity authentication system for online and mobile transactions that do not require one-time-passwords via Short Message Service (SMS) or auxiliary security devices. The Taiwan-based company leverages a multi-factor authentication process which allows financial institutions to send a push notifications whenever a financial...
Founded by two biomedical engineers, this Hong Kong startup offers a platform that provides instant insight into real-time data, applying the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology to make data fast, intuitive and visual. Geared to professionals working in constantly changing environments such as capital markets, Ironfly’s platfor...
Jocata Financial Advisory & Technology Services Private Ltd. provides sophisticated Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) software that not only meets regulatory expectations and reduces the cost of compliance but also aims to drive business growth by creating a high-quality, standardized and reusable data asset. The company’...