FinTech Showcase 2016



Artificial Intelligence
Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
Big Data / Analytics incl. IoT-generated Data
Consumer FinTech
Digital Client Engagement Tools
Enterprise Dev Ops and Multichannel Deployment
New Credit / Underwriting Tools
Point of Sale / Wholesale Payments and Processing
RegTech incl. Risk Management / Compliance / Operational Risk Management
Robo Advisor
Security incl. Identity Management / Biometrics / Fraud Detection
Talent Management / HR
Antuar inBranch is a suite of customer centric retail branch banking applications. inBranch Transact product is a full service relationship-centric branch system that interacts to any back office system. It promotes staff efficiency, customer relationships, and sales opportunities through a clever use of presentation logic, work flow and good desig...
Assure Hedge
The current process of currency hedging is slow, antiquated, and expensive, with the process frequently using outdated methods such as phones and emails to get the job done. As a result, it is not cost effective to serve SME customers and banks or large corporations require an entire team of people in order to hedge…
B-Secur Biometric Mobile
The dramatic rise in the use of internet enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, wearables has created a critical security risk for users, enterprises and governments.  These devices and applications are providing access to a huge array of private and personal information, and crucially are a conduit for financial transactions, for example. ...
Over 160 bil Eur is spent annually in cross-border card payments in Europe alone. However the retail banks that issue payment cards are excluded from the primary FX associated with their customers’ international payments. Visa, MasterCard and other card associations dominate card payment FX as a captured market. Our multi-currency cloud processing...
Every high value inventory business is looking for ways to reduce their costs, risks and inefficiencies. CheckVentory automates their existing stock checking process by empowering their dealers to self-audit, simply, securely and accurately. (Class of 2017)
CityBcon is a mobile commerce platform for small and medium retailers. It empowers retailers to convert both social media followers and regular visitors into consumers even when these consumers are out of store. We do this by intimately understanding the digital (social media) and physical (in-store) behaviours and brand preferences of these consum...
Cogni is a collaborative commerce platform with digital banking to help SMEs and micro-enterprises find new markets and customers with evidence-based insights through the use of collaborative commerce and Artificial Intelligence. Unlike other fintech companies, Cogni helps micro-enterprises grow their business using Ai in a sharing and collaborativ...
Coinprism aims to bring blockchain technology to financial institutions. Its vision is to offer an open alternative to centralized clearing and settlement systems like SWIFT and the DTCC. Coinprism has designed and built an open protocol for transaction settlement utilizing the blockchain (Open Assets). That protocol allows 10 minutes settlement, i...
Courtsdesk is a legal news service that applies social media technology and data analytics to the centuries-old business of court reporting in order to revolutionise transparency in the justice system. It offers the first archive of previously unavailable data on court cases at all levels of the justice system in any jurisdiction in which it operat...
The GDPR requires companies to demonstrate their compliance efforts, it is a legal obligation. Due to the vast quantities of data companies handle, often across multiple jurisdictions, visibility is a huge issue. Achieving compliance with over 100 pages of complex legislation is a painful process, even more if you don’t know where your compli...
Our core product is an off-the- shelf KYC solution that enables businesses to capture client documentation (either remotely or in-person) via the app and generate a verification report via the web portal. ID-Pal’s delivery format and pricing structure is tailored specifically for SMEs. Longer term vision is to create an overarching platform t...
Juggle aims to make managing finances easy, accessible and rewarding for everybody. Available over the web and on your phone, Juggle is going to change the way you manage your personal finances by bringing all your financial data together and organising it automatically for you. (Class of 2016)
Ostia’s offering is a software solution that helps organizations improve their application development process by enabling it to be agile, thus delivering apps more quickly, at less cost and with better quality. It does this by offering a ‘Service Virtualization’ capability which enables the automation of functionality prototyping, testing and perf...
Signatur is developing the foundations for mass-market adoption of cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) and blockchain technologies. From leading edge secure storage to user friendly payment solutions, Signatur’s diverse product portfolio aims to create a comprehensive ecosystem. We aim to prepare a seamless switch from legacy to blockchain arc...
Touchtech Payments
Touchtech Payments facilitates banks make on-line authentication a better user experience together with enhanced security. Touchtech is a plug and play replacement for any scenario where a user might be asked to identify online through a password or pin code It offers a suite of factors from which customers can pick and choose to create custom, str...
VBOT vcommerce is an end-to-end platform enabling brands, merchants, ecommerce providers, and retailers to sell products using videos. With 2 clicks and in less than 30 seconds, service and product videos can be automatically formatted for purchase from smartphones/tablets/web browsers and smart tvs. (Class of 2015)
Fraud Managers recognise the complexity of IRSF Fraud, and know they are ill-equipped to tackle it effectively. Why? Because traditional fraud systems are “rules-based”, and alarms are only generated after the attack has occurred. By then it’s already too late. We offer a unique advantage over other fraud detection techniques: it generates alerts e...
XtremePush integrates into existing applications to track user interactions and provide brands with this data so they can optimize their app interactions and increase their customer knowledge. We currently examine over 100 data in-app that allow brands to create highly segmented target user groups for engagement campaigns through the mobile applica...