Program Highlights 2012

"The FinTech Innovation Lab has been nothing short of a game changer for True Office. Over a 90 day period, we've worked shoulder to shoulder with some of the best minds in the financial services sector to pilot new, industry specific products, co-architect our technology platform and co-design our product roadmap. The banks have not only participated in our development process, they have driven it. As a result, True Office has forged deep commercial and strategic relationships within the industry, laying the foundations for our next stage of growth."
— Adam Sodowick, True Office
"Being able to swap war stories with fellow entrepreneurs is priceless. Being a CEO can be a lonely job and getting the practical and emotional support of mentors from the Lab's Entrepreneurs Network that sweated it out and eventually blazed a path to success selling to banks was truly inspiring. In our case we also got very relevant product, sales and operating advice, as well as valuable introductions from our mentors."
— Yaron Samid, BillGuard
"In only 12 weeks, Centrifuge has presented at more than 50 meetings with financial security and technology executives and is working on ten different use case applications at six major banks in the New York area. As a result of the FinTech Innovation Lab, Centrifuge has received invaluable product and market feedback that will influence its direction for years to come. Our FinTech participation has accelerated our entry into the NYC financial services sector by 12-18 months and we are aggressively expanding our presence in the thriving New York technology market."
— Renee Lorton, Centrifuge Systems

Over the course of 12 weeks, the six members of the FinTech Innovation Lab Class of 2012 achieved significant progress, with:

The Lab's 2012 program concluded on July 18th with Demo Day hosted by Credit Suisse. The six members of the Class of 2012 presented to an audience of over 160, including investors, financial services executives, and press. To view the Demo Day videos, please click here.

Over 40 members of the press were in attendance, including a delegation of the foreign press corps organized by the U.S. State Department. To view the Demo Day coverage, please visit our 2012 Program News page.

Select Leadership Program panel topics included:

  • Navigating bank procurement
  • Challenges of scaling a technology company
  • Trends and disruptions in the capital markets
  • Technology guidelines and architecture at financial institutions
  • Security and other trends in mobile banking
  • Lessons learned from successful fintech entrepreneurs

Select guest speakers included:

  • Kenneth Chenault Chairman and CEO, American Express
  • William McCracken CEO, CA Technologies
  • Charles Phillips CEO, Infor
  • Robert Steel Deputy Mayor for Economic Development, City of New York
  • Douglas Atkin FinTech Fund Portfolio Manager, Guggenheim Partners
  • Ethan Berman Former CEO, RiskMetrics
  • Cristobal Conde Former President & CEO, SunGard
  • David Eisner CEO and President,
  • Sunil Hirani Founder and Former CEO, Creditex
  • Gus Hunt Chief Technology Officer, Central Intelligence Agency
  • Merritt Lutz Senior Advisor, Morgan Stanley
  • Larry Ng Co-founder and former CIO, TradeWeb
  • Patrick Wack Patrick Wack, Intralinks
  • Fred Wilson Managing General Partner, Union Square Ventures