Aqumin’s AlphaVision™ software brings game changing interactive 3D visual interpretation to the financial services industry — enabling traders, portfolio managers, and risk analysts to extract more value out of their quoted and proprietary data. Our approach gives market professionals a larger field of vision and unique insight into real-time intraday activity and historical trends. Using our unique expertise in High Performance Computing, Computer Graphics, and Capital Markets we have built a revolutionary 3D analytics environment that leverages people’s natural ability to think visually. Creating interactive 3-dimensional charts and information landscapes, our customers are identifying previously hidden patterns and relationships faster than ever before - quoting more information at once - enabling them to trade and invest more profitably, while better controlling risk.

Aqumin offers visual interpretation solutions and custom implementations in areas of Trading, Investment Research, Risk & Compliance, Data Analytics, Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Business Intelligence, Regulatory, and Surveillance.

BillGuard is an online bill monitoring and resolution management provider, serving consumers, merchants and the financial services community. Through big-data analytics and advanced crowdsourcing techniques, BillGuard alerts debit and credit card holders to deceptive, erroneous and unauthorized charges and facilitates both in-statement P2P knowledge sharing and direct-to-merchant online billing dispute resolution. The company was recently inducted into the Online Banking Report Hall of Fame as one of the top online banking innovations of all time


CB Insights’ Mosaic assesses the health of private companies by finding, collecting and algorithmically analyzing signals of strength or weakness from publicly available information sources. Mosaic taps into the abundance of digital information created daily to identify signals that offer predictive intelligence into the health of these companies. Through the use of these diverse digital information sources, Mosaic offers a modern solution to the otherwise antiquated and non-scalable methods employed to understand and assess private companies. Mosaic empowers vendor procurement, supply chain risk management, investment banking, credit underwriting, wealth management and private equity professionals with information that enables them to make better initial and ongoing decisions.

The Mosaic platform has received backing from the National Science Foundation. Mosaic&rsquos underlying technology is also powering Forbes&rsquo 2011 list of America&rsquos Most Promising Private Companies.

Centrifuge Systems enables customers across industries to dramatically improve discovery time and significantly reduce the cost and risk of fraud and security threats. Centrifuge’s unique approach to big data analytics combines agile data integration, dynamic relationship mapping, and scalable interactive visualizations to reveal hidden patterns and relationships while minimizing the cost of data transformations or expensive data scientists. Centrifuge’s patent-pending technology was invented in partnership with the U.S. intelligence agencies.

Centripetal Networks provides a breakthrough network-based cyber security appliance (RuleGate), security applications, and services. The RuleGate eliminates scaled threats at full 1G and 10G line rate. It effectively stops attackers, DDoS, and malware. Centripetal has developed a scaled network technology that can detect and stop millions of individual attackers at full line rate. The system supports a number of applications including threat surface reduction, data theft prevention, DDoS protection, and many others.


Dashlane is a secure digital wallet and password manager for every device. Dashlane enables keyboard-less checkouts, registrations and logins by using advanced real-time semantic analysis to autofill any form on any webpage. The Dashlane digital wallet stores all payment types (cards, bank accounts, etc.,) and enables their use in a single click on every website on any platform — PC, Mac, iOS and Android — with no merchant integration required whatsoever.

Digital Reasoning enables the automated understanding of human communication. Digital Reasoning’s award-winning machine learning platform, Synthesys, identifies threats, risks and opportunities by transforming information into a private Knowledge Graph. Digital Reasoning is headquartered outside of Nashville, Tennessee, with offices in Washington, D.C., New York and London. For more information go to


EidoSearch is a powerful search and discovery tool for financial professionals. In an environment of shifting relationships, it is important to quickly test ideas as they arise. EidoSearch allows financial professionals to generate new trade ideas and discover relationships spontaneously, by using the data itself as the search query. The platform is a SaaS product and integrates with third party software and databases through the EidoSearch API.


Hanweck Associates provides high-performance, real-time analytical data and risk-management products to the capital markets. The Company’s products include VoleraFEED (real-time, low latency options implied volatilities and Greeks as a data feed), VoleraRISK (real-time portfolio risk and risk-based margining), and Premium Hosted Database (a hosted database service encompassing tick data on markets such as OPRA, U.S. equities, futures, and options implied volatilities and Greeks).

Inktank is the company delivering Ceph — the massively scalable, open source, distributed, software defined storage system — to the enterprise. Launched by some of the leading developers of Ceph, Inktank’s mission is to help organizations fully leverage the transformative power of Ceph to decrease storage costs, increase operational flexibility and help them free themselves from restrictive and expensive proprietary storage systems. is the first service to use online social networks and endorsements to calculate credit worthiness. The Lenddo community is designed to empower the emerging markets middle class by providing simple tools to manage financial reputation, help their community and connect with interested institutional lenders. Lenddo utilizes a community centered, group lending model that mirrors the peer enforcement mechanisms found in microfinance, but brings it online by integrating with the borrowers online social networks. Lenddo combines cutting edge fraud detection, social media and micro-loan processing to serve a large underserved population.

Lenddo Raises $8M To Use Online Reputation For Lending In Emerging Markets


Narrative Science creates human insight at machine scale. Its patented artificial intelligence platform, Quill, automatically analyzes data and produces narratives that are contextually relevant, personalized and actionable. Quill immediately identifies insight hidden in data and transforms it into stories that are delivered in a wide variety of formats including business reports, articles, headlines, visualizations and performance summaries.


OpenFin provides finance-grade technology for streamlining deployment of rich desktop applications. The company’s patent-pending run-time software enables web applications to run outside-the-browser and is tailored to meet the strict security and compliance requirements of financial institutions.


ScrollMotion is a software company that offers mobile solutions for businesses across industries. The company is changing the way the world’s biggest companies create, deploy and manage content by transforming sales, marketing and training into powerful apps.


Syphr provides a transparent, performance-based lead exchange between digital publishers (sellers) and advertisers (buyers) in various consumer loan and personal finance verticals / offers. Publishers utilize our patent-pending pre-qualification payment discovery technology and consumer credit analytic to optimize offers and post leads through our proprietary platform. Advertisers take advantage of the platform to reach qualified, in-market and "ready-to-buy" consumers. The SaveOnYourLoans Network supports leads in verticals including auto finance, personal loans, mortgages and home equities and debt consolidation / settlement. Syphr’s innovative products improve conversion rates for publishers, while lowering acquisition costs and increasing volume for advertisers.

True Office creates data-rich, mobile games that help companies reduce risk and save money, transforming mandatory compliance training into a fun, intelligible and quantifiable experience. Squarely in line with key enterprise trends such as tablet and smartphone usage, mobile apps, cloud services and "decision" analytics, True Office designs and delivers products for a contemporary, mobile workforce.

FinTech Lab Executive-in-Residence Joins Board of True Office.


Visible Market’s software products deconstruct the blizzard of daily market data via powerful mobile visualization screens. StockTouch, Visible Market’s initial product, is a dynamic, tactile map of the market for iPad, iPhone and Mac. Over 25,000 users spend more than half a million minutes a month on StockTouch. One fluid zoomable interface displays 1,400 companies, enabling users to view markets contextually as they unfold. StockTouch was recognized as the #1 iPad Finance App by Apple’s Rewind 2011.


Zipmark is a state of the art payment platform that brings check processing infrastructure directly to billers and consumers accepting secure payments from any bank, thrift or credit union checking account without onerous fees or long delays. Zipmark's Biller API can be easily integrated into traditional web payments, offering a lower cost alternative to credit and debit cards; also by leveraging Zipmark QR codes users can make pay for items such as rent, fees or subscriptions directly from paper invoices via the Zipmark iPhone app.

Zipmark Announces $2M in Series Seed Funding to Modernize the Checkbook