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New York
Artificial Intelligence
Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
Big Data / Analytics incl. IoT-generated Data
Consumer FinTech
Digital Client Engagement Tools
Enterprise Dev Ops and Multichannel Deployment
New Credit / Underwriting Tools
Point of Sale / Wholesale Payments and Processing
RegTech incl. Risk Management / Compliance / Operational Risk Management
Robo Advisor
Security incl. Identity Management / Biometrics / Fraud Detection
Talent Management / HR
AimBrain is the mobile biometric authentication platform. AimBrain helps you to know if your users really are who they say they are. (Class of 2016)
Akoni is a digital cash treasury manager, ensuring maximum returns through the portability of cash and cash management tools. This presents dual benefits: to Banks – addressing the Basel III Liquidity Coverage Ratio requirements, and to Businesses – by improving cash returns. Decisions are based on client and market analytics, and a matching...
Albert is an incredibly simple mobile app for freelancers to manage their finances. Its unique mobile-first design is a whole new approach for the self-employed. (Class of 2016)
AlgoDynamix is an innovative risk analytics company that detects disruptive events in global financial markets and anticipates price movements hours or days in advance of the event. (Class of 2016)
Alkymi uses machine learning to create a data inbox that extracts business data from email and documents to accelerate business processes, targeting massive amounts of unstructured data in financial services. (Class of 2020)
Alloy automates customer onboarding and AML/KYC checks. Through its dashboard and API, Alloy helps financial institutions integrate multiple sources of data increasing the speed and transparency of customer onboarding. (Class of 2017)
AlphaPoint provides blockchain-enabled solutions to issue, track, and trade digital assets. Its secure, scalable, and customizable platform enables customers to deploy blockchain technology today to reduce operational costs and generate revenue from new products and services. AlphaPoint has 3 live blockchain applications, with over 20 customers, an...
Advanced Merchant Payments (AMP), with offices in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Singapore and the Philippines enables banks and other financial institutions to profitably offer short-term unsecured loans to under-served small businesses in both developed and emerging markets. By utilizing AMP’s end-to-end solution, banks can address the credit gap...
Anorak We have built the world’s first fully automated life insurance advice platform. It gives everyone easy access to personalised and regulated advice. (Class of 2019)
Antuar inBranch is a suite of customer centric retail branch banking applications. inBranch Transact product is a full service relationship-centric branch system that interacts to any back office system. It promotes staff efficiency, customer relationships, and sales opportunities through a clever use of presentation logic, work flow and good desig...
Apiax gives financial institutions access to machine-readable regulatory rules regarding the most pressing regulatory topics for wealth management, asset management and retail banking. The platform provides legal and compliance teams with full transparency and control over rules in action and allows them to customise, manage and deploy these rules...
AppBus allows organizations easy access to their entire application portfolio to run on all devices (consumer and business) in a manner that is more secure than locked down PC’s behind the firewall. AppBus delivers a seamless, native feeling, role-based experience on any device.  It’s distributed application bus technology (DCP) securel...
APrivacy (formerly IThinkSecurity) is a cyber-security lab that provides easy-to-use, highest-grade data protection solutions to prevent data leaks and corporate espionage. The Ontario-based company’s main product, LOQ, is an information security and tracking service that is being used by financial institutions to secure information sharing w...
ApTap helps users optimise their bills & subscriptions by connecting them, their banks and their service providers all on one platform. ApTap will help users get the most value for money and time, by plugging directly into banks, which can in turn offer their customers a holistic view of their bills. Then ApTap will help…
Aqumin’s AlphaVision™ software brings game changing interactive 3D visual interpretation to the financial services industry — enabling traders, portfolio managers, and risk analysts to extract more value out of their quoted and proprietary data. Our approach gives market professionals a larger field of vision and unique insight into real-time intra...
Arthur AI is the first production AI monitoring platform, giving enterprises the tools to detect model performance issues proactively, provide auditability and explainability to black box decisioning, and measure algorithmic bias to ensure fair decisioning. (Class of 2020)
ASSET VAULT is a UK based fintech startup backed by Techstars. B2B SaaS product that offers near banking services to large Financial Institutions to help them retain existing customers, acquire a deeper share of wallet and also obtain new customers. We have a suite of products that allow the end customers to • Catalogue all of…
The current process of currency hedging is slow, antiquated, and expensive, with the process frequently using outdated methods such as phones and emails to get the job done. As a result, it is not cost effective to serve SME customers and banks or large corporations require an entire team of people in order to hedge…
AtCipher.com addresses the security concerns that many organizations have regarding cost-saving cloud solutions. The Hong Kong-based company developed a security system for encrypted data storage and sharing, encrypted searches and encrypted email with security policy enforcements. AtCipher’s applications perform client-side encryption so that data...
Atsora provides financial institutions with innovative, agile, customer-driven tools for small business owners. Atsora’s core product, Momentum, is an integrated online and mobile application used for business planning, monitoring cashflow and  growth forecasting. (Class of 2015)