We do not currently live in the United Kingdom. Can we still apply?

Yes, you can still apply. However, you must have eligibility to work in the United Kingdom and/or obtain visas on your own. The FinTech Innovation Lab will not sponsor visas.

Member(s) of senior management work for one of the participating organizations (Accenture, FI, VC, Portfolio company, etc.) Can we still apply?

Yes, but you must disclose your affiliation on your application form.

Our company has received funding already. Can we still apply to the FinTech Innovation Lab?

Yes, you can apply to the programme even if you have received funding. If you have, please be sure to include details regarding past rounds of financing.

What is the FinTech Innovation Lab's policy regarding privacy and conflicts?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

What if our company has concerns for competitive reasons about one of several of the participating financial services firms and VCs reviewing our application?

Please note this concern in the “additional information” section at the end of the application along with the name of the firm with which there is a potential conflict. That firm(s) will not have access to your application during the initial review process. However, they will have access to the elevator pitch and basic corporate info (i.e. company name, address, contact)

What happens if we turn in our application late?

We will not accept late applications under any circumstances.

What stage companies does the FinTech Innovation Lab focus on?

The FinTech Innovation Lab focuses on early and growth-stage companies with at least a beta technology/product, especially those which will benefit from the senior access and relationships at the London Lab’s over forty partners. We are also interested in growth stage companies that have a product being deployed outside financial services that are interested in entering the financial services vertical.

Is there a fee for applying or joining the programme?

There is no fee to apply.

What financial support is provided for companies that apply to the programme?

Since Accenture do not take an equity stake in start-ups coming through our programmes, we do not offer financial support during the programme.