Alkymi uses machine learning to create a data inbox that extracts business data from email and documents to accelerate business processes, targeting massive amounts of unstructured data in financial services.

Arthur AI is the first production AI monitoring platform, giving enterprises the tools to detect model performance issues proactively, provide auditability and explainability to black box decisioning, and measure algorithmic bias to ensure fair decisioning.

BrokerBuddha is a SaaS platform for independent agents that helps them grow their business through interactive customer, friendly, online applications.

Clausematch is a real-time AI-powered content collaboration platform that enables financial institutions’ global compliance and risk teams to interact with, review and approve centralized policy documents with a precise audit trail mapping them to regulatory obligations to help ensure regulatory compliance.

DataFleets is an enterprise federated intelligence platform that uses machine learning to analyze unseen, sensitive data to generate business insights without compromising data privacy.

Knoema is a knowledge and data management firm that works with corporates, buyside and sellside firms to manage, catalog and discover all of their subscription, public and internal data assets.

Sigma Ratings is a counterparty risk platform that leverages machine learning and deep domain expertise to enable automated entity-level risk benchmarking and ongoing monitoring of non-credit risks at scale.

Summer helps student loan borrowers lower their debt by using technology and industry expertise to identify and enroll them in the best possible repayment plan for their financial situation.

Skyhive is an AI technology that revolutionizes reskilling for workers and workforces. SkyHive rapidly identifies internal skill sets, compares to the external labor market, identifies emerging/future skills, and automates the navigation of reskilling to the future state in real-time.

True Flood Risk is an AI-driven property risk management platform that provides individual property level data & real time analytics helping banks, insurers, property owners and risk mitigation experts identify and quantify the financial impact of flood risk in real-time.