Arthur AI and Algorithmia Team Up to Offer End-to-End AI Lifecycle Management

02.23.2021 - New York

Arthur, the machine learning monitoring company, and Algorithmia, the industry leader in MLOps and model management, announced a partnership to bring Arthur’s leading monitoring capabilities to organizations that have deployed their ML models on the Algorithmia platform. With the new integration, Algorithmia customers will be able to monitor their models for data drift, algorithmic bias, and model performance issues, as well as getting global and prediction-level explanations for model predictions.

The partnership announcement gives data science teams access to two best-in-class tools together: Algorithmia’s powerful model deployment, serving and management platform, and Arthur’s comprehensive monitoring platform. With this new product integration, Algorithmia customers can take full advantage of advanced ML lifecycle management workflows—think automated refits based on data drift, horse racing (A/B testing) different versions of a model, and more.

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