Desktop App Interoperability: On the Front Lines with RBC and OpenFin

07.08.2019 - New York

Desktop app interoperability is becoming increasingly important among the biggest banks and asset managers in the capital markets, as these firms want to both make their employees more efficient and be able to experiment with new fintech companies, data delivery and analytics software. OpenFin, which was launched in 2010, is largely considered to be the first to successfully use containerization techniques to build a browser-specific to the needs of a financial institution. This space is growing rapidly, though, with the likes of ChartIQ’s Finsemble, Glue42 and others entering in recent years.

This technology will be one of the bigger Wall Street tech battlegrounds over the next decade. But the purpose of this article is to show how desktop app interoperability works in real life. It’s an example of how RBC Capital Markets is working with OpenFin, along with a smaller case study looking at the specific Springboard sprint.

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