Digital Reasoning Launches AI-Enabled Voice Analytics for Conduct Surveillance in Banking

06.04.2019 - New York

Digital Reasoning, a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that understands human intentions and behaviors, has launched a new, AI-enabled voice analytics solution for voice communications monitoring in banks. Developed with extensive input from the firm’s industry partners and customers, it delivers market-leading transcription accuracy of financial domain audio data and seamless workflows that enable efficient scaling of audio monitoring coverage. Allied with Digital Reasoning’s award-winning Conduct Surveillance solution, it enables banks to achieve integrated surveillance that covers both voice and text communications data.

“Banks are under increasing regulatory pressure to improve monitoring of voice channels but need a solution that enables surveillance scope to be expanded with the same staffing,” explained Brandon Carl, Vice President of Product Management at Digital Reasoning. “Our proprietary solution uses advanced AI to deliver performance and efficiency. It improves signal-to-noise ratios and enhances the quality of alerts, and adds smart investigation tools that zero in on relevant audio data.”

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