FIL London 2024 Interview Day #4 with Future Tech

02.08.2024 - London

Interview Day #4 kicked off and it was time to delve deep into the future with Future Tech!

We have all heard how the world is changing faster than ever before, and we had an amazing few hours hearing from the FinTechs who are trying to ahead of it all.

This Stream spotlight will give you a glimpse into the future and tell you what everyone is talking about in Future Tech.


Future Tech: Changing Technology in an Unstable World



Technology has dominated mainstream discourse throughout 2023, with the year being hailed as a landmark in the overall story of technological evolution. As we said goodbye to the 2023 cohort earlier this year, many of us were conscious of just how fast Accenture’s partners would need to move to stay ahead of the curve, and with this we have been provided a unique learning opportunity, the like of which we might not see for many years to come.

The impact of these technological advancements has only been exacerbated by their convergence with major societal changes.


Major societal changes, such as the lasting impact of COVID 19, supply chain and security risk resulting from geopolitical instabilities, the mainstream democratisation of information, changing work dynamics, and continuing support for ESG practices have exacerbated the impact of technological advancements.

Within the application pool for the FinTech Innovation Lab’s Future Tech stream, three clear trends have emerged.

Firstly, there has been an influx of quality data and AI applicants, reflecting the increasing reliance of businesses on advanced analytics, and the overall integration of AI within everyday life. Secondly, startups specialising in risk mitigation solutions have gained traction, highlighting a heightened awareness of safeguarding of both institutional and private financial assets in an ever-changing global market environment. Finally, the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) space has witnessed continued innovation – particularly poignant amidst a growing cost of living crisis and indicative of a broader trend towards financial inclusivity.

As the startup ecosystem continues to flex and see these issues as opportunities, Future Tech couldn’t be more impressed in the breadth of the applicant pool for this year’s FinTech Innovation Lab, of the overall UK and regional FinTech ecosystem, and excited in how we can help to take these solutions to our clients.

So, to reflect an appreciation for the startups looking to solve these issues with the latest and greatest solutions, we will be delighted to partner with several applicants working within the Cybersecurity, Data & AI, and Web3 space, who we feel have the viability to affect true change with our partner institutions.

We look forward to embarking on FIL 2024 and can’t wait to get started.

Bella Thornley, Future Tech Capability Lead, Accenture

Keep an eye out for some exciting Future Tech offerings as we reveal our FinTech cohort for 2024!