Welcome, the FinTech Innovation Lab London Class of 2023

01.31.2023 - London

We are delighted to introduce the 15 companies selected for the 2023 edition of the FinTech Innovation Lab London. Our FinTech cohort are primed and ready for 3 months of masterclasses, mentorship and access to 35+ world-leading Partner Institutions.

From pinpointing product market fit, to building strategic and successful enterprise partnerships, the 12-week Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab London accelerator programme, equips early-and growth-stage FinTech start-ups with the knowledge, tools and network to maximise their growth and potential.  

This year’s Fintech Innovation Lab London is centered around impact: pertinent societal issues and the global macro-economic landscape are front of mind. In a time of uncertainty, cost and crisis, there remains the fight for relevance and growth; coupled by a need for agility and resilience.

A need for FinTech.

Throughout our Streams, the concepts of responsibility, reinvention at pace, societal impact, customer centricity and education are forthright. From Sustainable Living to Data & AI, Open Finance to Security & Cloud, to Future Tech, we look to FinTech and the power of unique technologies to pinpoint the challenges faced by our Partner Institutions and provide solutions to deliver true value. 

Meet the FIL Class of 2023: 

Sustainable Living  

BOOGIIncentive marketing powered by customer transactions 

PONCHO PAY – The Parent Payment Revolution 

U IMPACT – Using data to mobilise retail capital towards sustainability 

WEO – Affordable and unbiased environmental analytics from space 

Data & AI  

MAMMOTH ANALYTICS – Lightweight Self-Serve Analytics to streamline financial data  

NUCLIA – The API to make the unsearchable, searchable 

RISKWOLF – Turn Real-Time Data Into Insurance 

Open Finance  

AAZZURWe embed financial products into user journeys for FinTechs, banks, and corporates 

ANSWER PAY – Creating a fairer way to pay and get paid 

CREDIT CANARY – Taking away the pain of missed credit repayments for lenders and borrowers 

Security & Cloud  

ACIN – AI driven operational risk control 

KLARYTEE – Security for data wherever it goes 

STRONG NETWORK – Secure code development workspaces for distributed teams  

Future Tech  

MATLOGICA – Unlocking full potential of modern hardware 

QIS RISK – Portfolio Management System for Digital Assets