Introducing the FinTech Innovation Lab London Class Of 2021

01.13.2021 - London

We are excited to kick off the new year with a bang, launching the 2021 edition of our Fintech Innovation Lab London.

We’ve seen many innovative start-ups apply this year, and across December we worked closely with over 30 Financial Services providers to hand pick our final cohort. We’ve selected 20 FinTechs that address the challenges faced by the financial services industry in a rapidly changing environment. The Fintech Innovation Lab 2021 cohort is a testament to ingenuity and creativity, and we believe that the solutions these fintechs offer will help to shape the market in the year ahead.

Get to know our FIL21 Cohort below!


CoGo – Tracking your carbon footprint and your social impact through payments data

Ophelos – Helping families emerge from debt

Percent – Embedding donations into everyday payments

Vested Impact – Analysing the true impact of your investments on society

Zeti – A new pay-as-you-drive model for Electric Vehicles


Fairly AI – Audit your AI to keep it responsible and regulated

Freyda – AI-driven data entry and analysis

Illumr – Removing bias from data sets

Raw Labs – Query and manage all your data in real-time

Sust Global – Climate change risk analytics


Contingent – AI enterprise data risk platform

Elemendar – AI analyst for Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)

Nuggets – Payment and ID without sharing personal data

SQR Systems – Frictionless security for every conversation

Synth – Synthetic data for quicker and privacy-compliant development and testing

Emerging Tech

Granulate – Infrastructure Cost and Performance optimization

Hubble – Automate testing of all your data metrics

Responsive AI – Helps wealth managers work faster and smarter

STOIC – The next generation spreadsheet

Umazi – Cross-industry corporate identity to facilitate due diligence

Introducing the FinTech Innovation Lab London Class Of 2021